Nenahnezad Chapter

Our Story

Nenahnezad Chapter is located within the Northern Navajo Agency about 15 miles west of Farmington and 24 miles east of Shiprock. Nenahnezad Chapter, along with the chapters of Upper Fruitland and San Juan are part of the “Fruitland Irrigation Project” which involves 317 farmers. There are two major industrial activities with and near the chapter: coal mining and power plant operations.

The Nenahnezad Chapter conducts meetings monthly to keep residents informed; residents have a forum to express their opinions to their Navajo Nation Council Delegate or to decide on matters concerning their chapter.

Norman C. Begaye
Chapter President

Lojan Watson
Chapter Vice President

Andrea F. Lope
Chapter Secretary/Treasurer

Harold Dodge
Grazing Official

Tracy Raymond
Farm Board Rep.

Arthur Bavaro
Community Services Coordinator

Laura Tom-Jones
Account Maintenance Specialist